Last Chance for this piece of Vikur History

We made one last cut of this ornament for the Deuce of August Celebration, and if you missed it last year now is your chance!

This ornament makes a special addition to your own Christmas tree and a thoughtful gift for family & friends with roots in Mountain, ND.

All proceeds from these Ornament sales will support our new STORY BOARDS initiative.  Our goal is to educate visitors and preserve the story of Vikur, the Icelandic Settlement, and the Icelandic pioneers who made a spiritual home for an entire community.

For Local Pick-Up please contact Sandy Wright, in Mountain, at (801) 554-2020

Did you know?

Did you know that people from all over visit our idyllic little Vikur Lutheran Church year round?
They do!  We have entries in our visitor log from the far corners of the country, and even from across the world!  We love sharing our unique history of being North America’s oldest standing Icelandic Church.

It is our mission, as well as privilege, as the Ladies of Vikur Lutheran Church, to preserve this beautiful building that has been the bedrock of our community for the past 140 years.  Now, we would like to extend that role to also educate visitors about the legacy that makes this site so special.  

‘‘At last, there appeared to be good reason to believe our settlement would survive the coming winter (…)”

- Séra (Pastor) Páll Þorláksson
‘‘The Father of the Icelandic Settlement in Dakota.’’

Vikur Lutheran Church
North America’s Oldest Icelandic Church

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